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Meet the needs is a family operated business that offers educator resources and produces downloadable educational products as well as an affordable curriculum for your Family Childcare, Daycare Center, Homeschool and also for your individual families needs at an affordable cost.

I Laurie Heisler the owner and creator of Meet The Needs have been trained in many child development classes as well as I have been teaching Pre-School since 2004. So I have seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. With that in mind I also went through many types of curriculums that I didn’t like because none of them never worked with my pre-school group the way I needed them to. Either my group was too young or too old for the material the other places supplied. So I decided to start building one that could be used and reused year after year as well as adapted to any age toddler between 3-5 years of age. Most of my products can be taught with little effort because most of them are open ended. This means you can take these products and adjust them to the level child you are teaching.

I personally have been making changes and adding new products on MTN that benefit children because each child learns differently. I have tried my best to create something that can be used or altered to fit the needs of every child. I personally use every product that I offer on this website with my own pre-school class. These changes made MTN products simple to use with pre-school age children. Please take a look at some of our variations below.

Variations of Use:

If you have a child that can’t write the letter Aa just yet that’s okay because you can let them craft it with some paint or possibly glue some ants to it.


Perhaps you have a child that is not ready to cut just yet then you could create a sensory experience by liquid glue, some or sand with a little bit of food coloring to create a tactile sensory experience.


Put liquid glue on the lines then add salt and food coloring. once dry let the children touch it for a sensory experience.

(Click image to enlarge)DSC_5610

Teaching shape with cutting, painting or coloring.

DSC_5611About K345 Curriculum Gold:

K345 Curriculum Gold was developed over a 3 year time span with children in mind. It was based on my own personal research. MTN curriculum is not based on the core of knowledge because the core of knowledge was developed for children in kindergarten-12th grade. However, I did develop the K345 Curriculum Gold in a way that young children will gain letter recognition, associate pictures to letters gaining phonics sounds. When children use the many games and activities they will begin to recognize and understand that when we put specific letters together they will make sight words too. Children will also learn that color words and shapes are unique and numbers are how we learn to count. With K345 math children will begin early counting skills as well as recognizing the basic numbers 1-26. Then with the help from you the instructor they will master cutting skills with our pre set cutting activities, create and understand puzzles and patterns. They will also master basic shapes and create really fun crafts for that hands on experience. Teachers/educators will have the opportunity to plan out their week with our printable planner and even assess each child with our easy to use assessment.

Why are our prices so low?

Because I believe each child is the key to our tomorrow. Children not only hold our future in their hands but if we give them the proper tools they need to learn with they will have a jumpstart to succeed in life. Therefore, I have listed every digital product on our site either for free or MTN products have been priced at the lowest affordable price possible because meeting the needs of a child’s education is necessary and should not be unattainable to any child.


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